Post Offer Employment Testing
Post Offer Employment Testing
Accessing human performance to reduce workers' comp claims, lower employer insurance premiums and minimize employee injuries,
Employers can reduce worker injuries and missed days as well as worker compensation claims.
Patented testing equipment and software separates PCP from other physical testing systems.
Documenting human potential to protect employers and employees.
Reduce Risk
Selecting the right employee for the right job has never been easier or safer using our post offer physical exam and testing system.

Our Customers

Post Offer Employment Testing...

  • Helps to Prevent Injuries

    PCP post offer testing allows employers to match individuals to jobs where they can meet the physical demands.
  • Reduces Lost Work Days

    PCP post offer testing provides employers with the information they need about the employee to provide safe working conditions. Keeping employees healthy and working is key for efficiency.
  • Lower Worker Compensation Claims and Premiums

    Everyone loses when an employee is hurt on the job. PCP post-offer testing can provide employers with the data that protects them agains false and inaccurate claims.